Curious Child

28. February 2021

The internal handling of window children on Wayland as on X11 has been reorganized in the latest version of KWinFT. A quick overview of the new implementation.


Window Kindergarten

19. February 2021

An introduction to child windows and related ideas, what is an important mental model on X11 just as much as on Wayland.


The Windowing Revolution

8. February 2021

The new version of KWinFT contains a monumental rewrite of its windowing logic. Read on for an overview of the changes and why this rewrite was necessary.


KWinFT project 5.20 released

15. October 2020

New versions of the KWinFT projects are available now. Aligned with the release of Plasma 5.20 they offer new features and stability improvements.


Universal means to specific ends

25. September 2020

Today's beta release of KWinFT features a fundamental upgrade to Disman making it a truly universal display management solution not only for KWinFT and KDE Plasma but for a multitude of other desktop environments and window managers too.


Wrapland redone

25. May 2020

A first update on ongoing developments in the KWinFT project featuring a redesign of Wrapland's server library and two more projects joining KWinFT.


The KWinFT project

15. April 2020

Announcing the birth of the KWinFT project, a reboot of the window manager KWin and its accompanying libwayland wrapping library KWayland in the form of Wrapland. Its first release is available now.


Political activism in KDE

22. September 2019

A reflection on current political activism in KDE and what other possibilities there might be.


KDE sprints in summer heat

18. August 2019

End of June I attended the annual Plasma sprint as well as in July the KDE Connect and the KWin sprints in Nuremberg. This is a summary of what was important to me at these sprints.


New website, new company, new partners, new code

21. June 2019

The obvious change to announce is the new website design. But there is much more to talk about.