Progress on Plasma Wayland for 5.13

21. April 2018

Since the Plasma 5.13 beta is now less than one month away it is time for a status report on what has been achieved and what we still plan to work on.


The future, the past and FOSDEM

2. February 2018

A recap of what happened in the last few months and what are my plans for the future.


Preparing Patches

25. August 2017

In this last week of my GSoC project I aimed at bringing my code into its final form. The goals for that are simple.


End in Sight

18. August 2017

We count the last days of 2016 so it's time for a little recap...


Another iteration and one tough bug

11. August 2017

One more time I decided to start from the beginning and try another even more radical approach to my Xwayland GSoC project than the last time. I have now basically written a full API inside the Present extension, with which modes of presentation can be added.


Moving forward

4. August 2017

I reworked this week huge parts of my code and I have a feeling that I'm on the right track. I wrote a second mail to the xorg-devel mailing list and the feedback I got back was also way more positive than on the first try.


A new Beginning

28. July 2017

After receiving negative feedback in regards to my code I decided to start over. Read here to learn more.


A small Update

21. July 2017

This is just a small update on what I am currently working on for my Google Summer of Code project. More content will come in the following weeks


Difficulties and Success Stories

14. July 2017

I provided in the past few weeks some general information about my project and hopefully helpful documentation for the multiple components I'm working with, but I have not yet talked about the work I'm doing on the code itself. Let's change this today.


The GSoC Idea

7. July 2017

Let's explore the basic idea for my Google Summer of Code project for X.Org. This means talking about how Xwayland currently handles the graphic buffers of its applications, why this leads to tearing and how we plan to change that.