KDE Sprints in Summer Heat

18. August 2019

End of June I attended the annual Plasma sprint as well as in July the KDE Connect and the KWin sprints in Nuremberg. This is a summary of what was important to me at these sprints.


New Website, New Company, New Partners, New Code

21. June 2019

The obvious change to announce is the new website design. But there is much more to talk about.


Representing KDE at XDC 2018

31. October 2018

Last month the X.Org Developer's Conference (XDC) was held in A Coruña, Spain. I took part as a Plasma/KWin developer.


Wayland Future and Legacy

25. September 2018

Plasma 5.14 is right around the corner, time to write again an update like I did for 5.13 on what was achieved in terms of Wayland and what is in the work.


My First Akademy in Retrospect

9. September 2018

Last month KDE Akademy was held in Vienna. It was the first Akademy I visited and there wasn't yet time to write a bit about the impression I got from it. Time to catch up on that.


Progress on Plasma Wayland for 5.13

21. April 2018

Since the Plasma 5.13 beta is now less than one month away it is time for a status report on what has been achieved and what we still plan to work on.


The Future, the Past and FOSDEM

2. February 2018

A recap of what happened in the last few months and what are my plans for the future.


Preparing Patches

25. August 2017

In this last week of my GSoC project I aimed at bringing my code into its final form. The goals for that are simple.


End In Sight

18. August 2017

We count the last days of 2016 so it's time for a little recap...


Another Iteration and One Tough Bug

11. August 2017

One more time I decided to start from the beginning and try another even more radical approach to my Xwayland GSoC project than the last time. I have now basically written a full API inside the Present extension, with which modes of presentation can be added.